Catherine & Caitlin's Hendersonville wedding

Katherine & Caitlin’s wedding

Katherine & Caitlin were surrounded by amazing family & friends for their wedding in May 2022.  When they first contacted me, they asked me if I felt comfortable photographing a gay wedding. My response was “Absolutely! And I wish for a world where people won’t have to ask those questions. Love is love”. My heart sinks when I think of the adversity that people face in every day life.

I long for a time where every single one of us is treated and can love equally. Part of the allure and love that I have for Asheville is its feminine energy. As a city it is striving to be welcoming of all and I’m all for that!

My business vision was to simply capture photographs of people in love, regardless of age, gender or race. When I met with Katherine & Caitlin (via video) I just knew that they adored each other. That was enough for me to say Yes, ‘I want to be your wedding photographer!’.

As I got to know them more in the course of the next few months, their energy and love for each other stole my heart a little! They had a perfect mix of wanting their day to be as organized as possible with a “roll with it” attitude.

Getting ready photo

Day of the wedding

A “traditional” wedding approach was taken on this day where they opted not to see each other until the alter. Their getting ready cabins were about a 3 minute walk away from each other. We knew that there was no risk of them bumping into each other, but we still made sure to tell each bride not to leave their location until they heard otherwise!

They each had very talented Hair & Make-up friends who not only helped them look gorgeous but provided laughs & giggles as they did so. There can be a lot of pressure when you’re getting married for everything to be perfect. These two were a perfect reminder that you can have a lot of fun getting ready too! This is your day, remember to take some deep  breaths and enjoy it along the way.

As the ceremony time approached, Caitlin said that she was feeling the butterflies, oooh I love this part! It’s such a magical time to capture photographs: the glint in the eye, the nervous laughter, the anticipation of it all.

When Caitlin first saw Katherine walking down the aisle, you could tell that she was doing her best to hold it all together. As a wedding photographer, you have to be a bit of a “ninja”. You’re looking to photograph the emotion all around you and to be able to convey the whole story of the day through imagery.

Asheville wedding

Stormy weather alert….

The wedding vows were underway and then the storm went from a threat to reality. My phone had blown up just before the start of the ceremony with weather alerts: not just thunder & lightening but possible tornadoes en-route. Yikes, time to be on the lookout and make sure that everyone stays safe.

It ended up being one of those “over in a few minutes” kind of spells but better to be safe than sorry. Midway through the ceremony, the wonderful Reverend Amy Cantrell made the call for us all to head indoors. An area had already been designated, just in case.

My lovely and trusted assistant (aka Al) had kept my camera gear dry by hovering over me with a see-through umbrella when we were outside. Gotta love him – he knows by now that I don’t care about me getting wet but make sure to protect the gear!

Asheville receives an average of 44 inches of rain per annum but part of the allure of having an Asheville wedding is the cooler mountain climate that we have. In case of rain, have a back-up plan (even if it’s a simple canopy, a roof to stand under or a see-through umbrella) ……just in case.

Rain continued throughout the evening but it didn’t stop us from capturing unique, hilarious and sentimental moments. It was an honor to have been part of this fabulous day, surrounded by such bright, spirited women. It seriously gave me a massive amount of boosted energy for the rest of the week.

Rainy wedding Asheville

The start of something beautiful…..

I had a lot of fun capturing the love of these 2 beautiful ladies and know that there is going to be a lot of joy & laughter in this union. Their friends and family were incredibly supportive of them, there was hardly a dry eye among the guests. This truly is the start of something beautiful….

Catherine & Caitlin's Hendersonville wedding

Wedding packages – which one is right for you?

These beautiful brides opted for a 6 hour photography package which I recommend to couples who want most of their day to be covered, except for ‘party-time’. If you want festivities to be covered, an 8-10 hour+ package is (usually) a better option. Every wedding can be completely customized.

After the big day is over and we first catch a glimpse of our wedding album, we look for the ‘BIG’ moments: the ceremony, the first kiss & celebration. As the years go on, we appreciate all of the small details that were also put into the day. The necklace that was passed down from a loved one, the love notes exchanged or even when your Dad grabbed an umbrella to keep you dry! Opt for more hours if you are unsure, rather than less photography time. It’s your wedding day and there is no do-over; we want to make sure to capture every beautiful moment.

Throughout my years as a wedding and elopement photographer, I have never heard a couple say that they booked me for too many hours. Whether this is from a small elopement or a full-scale luxury wedding, capturing all pf the details is paramount. After all of the festivities are completed, the one thing that you will keep going back to is your wedding album. It’s always my hope and dream that you will go beyond looking at your photos on your phone and computer. Wedding and elopement photography deserves to be in print. I can help you with that.


In honor of equality

In honor of equality, let’s celebrate the beautiful diversity of people around us and do this every day of our lives.

Finding the love of your life is an amazing thing to be celebrated. I count myself lucky to have found the love of my life and know how important it is to capture this on your special day. Let’s show the world the love that you have for each other and I’ll be right behind you taking those photographs.

Cheers everyone 🙂


Asheville wedding Katherine & Caitlin - Natasha Dale Photography