Elopement in the Asheville mountains

Asheville elopement - bride and groom smiling with mountains around them

Heading to the mountains at sunrise!

Marisa & Christopher

They had a wonderfully romantic wedding attended by their family & closest friends in Weaverville, where we captured their glorious day. 

However, their location (as delightful as it was) didn’t give them the mountain backdrop that they desired plus the timeline was pretty busy. What’s the solution to get the backdrop that you want and carve out couple’s photo time? Head out to the mountains the day after (or in their case two days after) the wedding!

This way you’re getting a 2 for 1: a wedding AND an elopement. 

You are able to enjoy your traditional wedding day with loved ones plus have the thrill of an mountain Asheville elopement. Is there anything more magical than that? It’s really a no-brainer!

Think about it, wedding dresses and suits are usually not the cheapest of purchases and it’s almost a sin to tuck the outfits away, never to be worn again.

We will hike a little (in the dark y’all but it’s worth it) and then spend the next 2 hours focusing only on the couple: no on-lookers, no glancing at the watch or timeline, simply  making memories.

One more benefit in having a session after the wedding, is that the bride can be more relaxed about her wedding dress and the very distinct possibility that it will get at least, a little dirty! These are bonus shots to add to your traditional wedding day and by having the session closely after it, we can capture the love and the glow that genuinely emanates from within.

If you’d like to head out to the mountains/waterfall after your wedding, get in touch: let’s chat about making your dreams come true.


Bride and groom looking into Asheville sunrise in the mountains
Bride att sunrise in the blue ridge mountains. She is in her white wedding dress.
sunrise in the mountains
bride & groom in the mountains near asheville at sunrise
bride & groom kissing with mountains behind them and the clouds rolling in
looking out to sunrise