Booking 2023 & 2024!

How much will this cost?  

Asheville wedding photography starts at $2,850 & elopements at $1,350. Elopement photography plus wedding officiant services (provided by Alistair, my husband) start at $1,650. Weekend elopements are subject to availability and offered in the months of February-August.  

Why choose me?

I’d like my reviews & portfolio to do the talking here (see KIND WORDS). It humbles me when people comment on the experience that they had with me on their wedding day. This is YOUR day and I will never forget that. While candids are wonderful, there are certain times in the day that I like to step in and gently guide, so that we can create stunning imagery. 

Above everything else, I bring life experience and kindness. How you feel about yourself matters deeply to me and I’ll do my best to make you feel like a star. 

Will our personalities work well together?

You’re going to spend one of the most important days in life with me and we want to make sure that we’re a great match. I know that I thrive when I work with romantic, fun and outgoing people. I consider myself an extroverted introvert, which means that I get it when to comes to feeling awkward in front of the camera but take it to heart by bringing genuine smiles from those that I’m photographing. 

I don’t take myself too seriously, in that I love to have fun and keep the atmosphere ‘light’. Being approachable and genuine, I find brings out the best in people and we can get those ‘twinkle in the eyes’ shots. 

Our first choice of photographer wasn’t available, can you replicate their style?

I love that you have a vision and you should trust your gut and opt for a photographer whose style resonates the most with you. Each photographer has a unique style which is made up of: composition, posing, how they work with light, communicating with people and finally, the editing. For that reason, I cannot duplicate another person’s style and hope that you are looking at my work because it speaks to you. 

What is your style of photography? 

I find that weddings fall into 2 camps. They are either larger affairs where everything is organized by the minute and there is no time to spare. Or they fall into the ‘we just want to party’ style and people desire more photo-journalistic style shots. My photography style is try to be as invisible as possible throughout the day but to offer gentle guidance during “Couples’ shots, bride/groom portraits & family formals”. People want to know: “What do I do with my hands?! and this is where I can help. 

My photography is for the couple who wishes to have a diverse album that encapsulates romance, fun and most importantly, the joy from one of your happiest days in life. I offer boutique editing and do not out-source or “batch edit”. 

Can we add a second photographer?

Yes, we can add a second photographer and can further discuss this option when we have our video chat. 

Do you take family (formals) photos? 

Of course I do! Family is amazing and I love it when wedding couples want to celebrate with their loved ones. 

I have found that anywhere between 12-14 combinations is the “sweet spot” and we will discuss this when we initially meet. I want you to be free to enjoy your day naturally and authentically and ideally we spend 30 minutes on “family formals”. Ideally, you will have someone that you can rely on to gather up the troops and call out the names for the shot list. 

This way, we can make this swift, get your photographs and back to your party! I’m a big advocate for taking (separate) Family Formals prior to the wedding ceremony so that you can relax more later in the day. 

Can we provide you with a details list? 

I encourage you to gather everything up for me at the beginning of the wedding day (rings, veil, shoes etc) so that we can capture the beautiful details meaningful to your day. In my experience, having the MOH (or a VIP on site) means that I have a contact as soon as I arrive. 

How will we receive the gallery and do you offer photo books & prints?

Your digital wedding gallery is delivered using a professional photography site (password protected) and you will have one year from the date of delivery in which to download the photos. I encourage you strongly to download them to several different places and devices (cloud storage, USB sticks) and then to make sure that you print them! 

Photos belong in print and not just to remain on your computer hard-drive! I use printing companies that deal directly with professional photographers only and we can discuss adding in an album/wall art as an addition to your total wedding cost. 

How long will it be before we receive our gallery?

Typically your digital gallery delivery is delivered within 4-12 weeks (season dependent). I do my best to get you the album as soon as possible, without ‘rushing’ the edits. As mentioned, I personally edit every single photo and want to make sure that all of your shots are beautiful. I do my best to get you a sneak-peek within a few days… that you can share a handful of professional pics from your day. 

How do you feel about unplugged ceremonies?

It’s preferable to have an “unplugged” ceremony, to avoid having a gallery of people’s hands in the air. A perfect solution is to allow guests “30 seconds” in which to take photos once the wedding couple is together at the altar and then to ask them to place all devices away (and turned to silent). Most couples opt for unplugged and I will happily guide you with how to deliver the news! We will chat about this before your event. 

Sunset shots/couple time

In my experience, to create amazing imagery, I ask the wedding couple for time, it’s the most invaluable resource on the day. I want to provide you with stunning images that take your breath away. As such, I ask for 30-60 minutes for couples photos (usually at sunset for the softer light), when you will leave behind the festivities for a while and can be photographed as newlyweds! If you would prefer solely photo-journalistic shots and no ‘posed’ shots, I get it. This is your day and I want you to be happy!

Wedding Planner/Day-of Coordinator

Talking of timelines – I don’t insist but it helps immensely when you hire a wedding planner/coordinator. There are many benefits to this, mainly it’s for your peace of mind & you get to enjoy your day! If having a wedding planner is beyond your budget, consider asking someone close to help you who loves to organize. We all have that friend who thrives on excel spreadsheets and gets a kick out of lists! 

Do we need to have professional Hair & Make-Up for the wedding? 

Unless you or your friends/family are incredibly skilled at hair & make-up, I highly recommend letting a professional do this for you on the day, so that you can feel pampered and know that you are in great hands. I have attended weddings where indeed, the bride and her team were AMAZING at hair and make-up but if you’re unsure, let’s chat. I’ve worked with plenty of professional HMU artists and have recommendations. 

We’re having an evening ceremony, can you cover that too?

Yes! I love natural light but it can only take you so far. I can cover evening ceremonies and shoot into nighttime. Let’s chat about your timeline and where my time will be best spent. 

We’re having a rehearsal, will you cover that? 

If it’s important to you, let me know at the time of booking. Usually, there is little need for me to attend a Rehearsal but all weddings are different. Additional costs will apply.

Do you offer videography?

I do not offer videography as I’ve chosen photography as my craft. However, if you’re looking for a fabulous videographer, check out Jen & Chris from Martin Film Productions. I love working with them! 

Giving back.

I love to give back to this amazing community in Asheville. All charitable photography requests must be received in writing at least 60 days in advance and be for midweek. Inquire with me to see if I can help. 

P.S.: I’ve created a blog: 10 questions to ask your potential wedding photographer!