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Why choose us?

We capture images in an authentic way and want you to remember how you felt on your wedding dayOur style errs toward the editorial and classic with sentimental moments captured throughout your day. 

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Are we a great fit for you? 

You’ll spend one of the most important days in life with your photography team and we want to make sure that we’re a match. We thrive when we work with romantic, kind & outgoing people.

For Elopements, we love to see the day unfold and having a minimum of 4 hours, allows us to spend quality time with the couple. We like to step back, allow couples time to be in the moment and just give gentle direction for couple’s shots. 

For weddings, we’re a little more extroverted when it comes to bringing fun to bridal party and groomsmen shots. We work best when your people are high-spirited, fun good folks who are open to our creativity. 

What is your style of photography? 

Our photography style is try to be as invisible as possible throughout the day and to offer gentle guidance during “Couples shots, individual portraits & family formals

We offer a romantic and classic style, mixed with lots of laughter.

Our goal is for you to enjoy your wedding day and to be present in the moment. As above, there will be times throughout your wedding, where we might offer suggestions to take a photo from great to FABULOUS, but we never forget that this is your wedding. 

Our editing is all done in-house and our colors appear natural (not overly saturated nor any orange skin tones). Like all trends, they will pass. Your gallery from us will be timeless.

Weve created a blog post that will give you a better insight into our style: How to choose your style of wedding photographer

What type of wedding photography coverage do you offer?

Weddings: from getting ready, to ceremony, through to reception and all of the moments that happen in between. Typically, clients require 8 – 10 hours of coverage. Indian and SE Asian weddings require longer coverage. We will guide you in the number of hours needed for your day. 

We used to offer shorter coverage but after years of experience, we have found the sweet-spot: what works for our clients and for us. 

Elopements are for a minimum of 4 hours all of the way through to an all day elopement. We dont believe in the one hour elopement. Have we done them? Absolutely! But we didnt have a chance to get to know the couple and truly tell their story, it was forced, which is why we have found our sweet spot by offering a minimum of 4 hours with you. 

How much will this cost?  

We offer custom-curated wedding photography quotes, in order for it to be as unique as your wedding. Your experience with us starts with us creating the perfect photography timeline. Asheville wedding photography starts at *4400 and an Asheville elopement starts at *2400.

Your personalized quotation is valid for 7 days. Please note that until the contract is signed and non-refundable retainer paid, your wedding date is not confirmed. *7% sales tax added if you live in North Carolina.

Can we add a second photographer?

A second shooter can be offered for wedding ceremonies and elopements.

We have found that unless your wedding has 200+ people and/or you specifically want further photography coverage, having Natasha as the key photographer is a good fit. We will make sure that you have booked us for enough hours to dedicate time to photograph the two of you together, individually and enjoying time with family & friends. 

Rates for second photographers range from $400 – $2,000 per day, (depending on time required and the skill level of the second shooter).

Larger and more luxurious weddings often require a Photography Assistant to be added. We ensure that our time is spent with the couple and the wedding party and not loading and unloading of our gear. 

How much time do we need to spend with you prior to the wedding? 

We get it. Our clients are busy! The time that you will need is: 

1. Our initial phone chat or video chat (book a 30 minute Zoom session with Natasha) 

2. Time to complete our contracts and forms. 

2. Circa 3-4 weeks from your day, (if nothing has changed on your timeline), well spend an hour (up to two) going over final details. 

Our first choice of photographer wasn’t available, can you replicate their style?

We love that you have a vision and encourage you to work with a photographer whose style you resonate with. Every photographer has a unique aesthetic made up of: composition, guidance, working with light, editing and most importantly, personality! For that reason, we hope that you are looking at our work because it speaks to you. 

Do you take family (formals) photos? 

Of course! Family is amazing and we love it when wedding couples want to celebrate with their loved ones. 

We have found that anywhere between 8-10 combinations is the “sweet spot” and we will discuss this when we initially meet. We want you to be free to enjoy your day naturally and authentically and usually we spend c.30 minutes on “family formals”. 

For Indian and SE Asian weddings we will factor in a greater length of time for Family Formals. 

Our goal is to take the photos and get you back to your party! We’re big advocates for taking (separate) Family Formals prior to the wedding ceremony so that you can relax later in the day. 

We are the photographers and cannot round up your family and friends. We ask that you provide us with a person who will be our contact to gather up everyone. Your planner will be busy, please try to get a family member or friend who knows the people involved. 

Can we provide you with a details list? 

Let us know if there is a sentimental item to capture, otherwise we ask that you trust our judgment in capturing the details shots at the beginning of the day. We consider this our “warm-up” time and it’s when we will shoot rings & veil etc. When possible, we prefer to capture the items once they’re on you, it’s more meaningful. In our experience, having the MOH/VIP on hand means that we have a contact as soon as we arrive. 

How will we receive the gallery and do you offer photo books & prints?

Your digital wedding gallery is delivered using a professional photography site (password protected) and you will have one year from the date of delivery in which to download the photos. We encourage you to download them to several different places and devices (cloud storage, USB sticks and even store a USB in a safety deposit box!) and to make sure that you print them. 

Photos belong in print! We use printing companies that deal directly with professional photographers and we can discuss adding an album/wall art/prints as an addition to your total wedding cost. 

How long before we receive our gallery?

Your digital gallery delivery is delivered within 4-16 weeks (season dependent). We do our best to get you the album as soon as possible, without ‘rushing’ the edits. As mentioned, we personally edit every single photo and want to make sure that all of your shots are beautiful. Peak-season weddings could take up to 16 weeks, simply due to it being the busiest time of the year. 

How do you feel about unplugged ceremonies?

It’s preferable to have an “unplugged” ceremony, to avoid having a gallery of people’s hands in the air. A perfect solution is to allow guests “30 seconds” in which to take photos once the wedding couple is together at the altar and then to ask them to place all devices away (and turned to silent). Most couples opt for unplugged and we will happily guide you with how to deliver the news! We will chat about this before your event. 

Sunset shots/couple time

In our experience, to create amazing imagery, we ask the wedding couple for time, it’s the most valuable resource on the day. We want to provide you with stunning images that take your breath away. As such, we request that we have 30-40 minutes for couples photos (usually at sunset for softer light), when you will leave behind the festivities for a short while and photograph you as newlyweds! 

Not enough time on your wedding day for portraits? We can add a photoshoot after your wedding day, where you get to dress beautifully once more and we’ll head out to the mountains or a waterfall. 

Wedding Planner/Day-of Coordinator

To work with us (on weddings) we require that you hire a wedding planner/day of coordinator. This is not a requirement for Elopements or micro-weddings. 

There are many benefits to this, mainly it’s for your peace of mind & you get to enjoy your day! 

We work closely with Carolina Love Events.

Do we need to have professional Hair & Make-Up for the wedding? 

If you need to scrimp on one thing for your wedding day, dont let it be hair & make-up. 

We work with many professional HMU artists and have recommendations for stellar people. Additionally, if you have a bridal party, we would encourage everyone to have professional make-up done, so that your photos will all look consistent.

We’re having an evening ceremony, can you cover that too?

Yes! We love natural light but it can only take you so far. For that reason we’re gear-nerds and pride ourselves on composition and being able to work with multiple lighting scenarios. 

Do you offer wedding officiant services? 

Yes, for Elopements only. We can offer an Officiant, Photographer, Florist and Videography team. Essentially, a one-stop shop! We can also add in Hair & Makeup (dependent on whether you are getting married at sunrise or not!). 

We’re having a rehearsal, will you cover that? 

If it’s important to you, let us know at the time of booking. Additional costs apply.

Color or Black & White Photography?

Your photos are delivered with the majority of the album being in color, with a few selected shots in black & white. 

Giving back.

We love to give back to this amazing community in Asheville. All charitable photography requests must be received in writing at least 60 days in advance and be for midweek. Inquire to see if we can help. 

In 2024, we’re planting a tree for every wedding that we photograph. 

Our Morals and Ethics

I believe in connecting with people deeply and genuinely. 

If you think it’s cool to joke about homophobia, transphobia, gender, race or anything that’s offensive, you’re not “our people”. Thanks!