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How much will this cost? 

I understand that you are searching for a simple answer but the reality is while there are similarities in weddings, they’re as unique as you are and rates vary by location. Asheville wedding photography starts at $3,200 and an Asheville elopement (midweek) starts at $1,550. In my experience, I have found that typically 8 hours photography is needed for a wedding. Elopement photography is for up to 3 hours.

What value will you bring to my wedding? 

Wedding photography is an investment, it’s the cost of a REALLY fabulous handbag (or two). Some couples want photos to simply “document the day” and I totally get that, there are many great photographers who can fulfill that role. Other couples search out their dream photographer for the day. They want photos that will WOW them and their family & friends for decades to come.

My photography is a perfect blend of unobtrusive candid moments (this is your day and I will never forget that), along with wonderfully creative & guided couple’s (& solo) photographs. I use my funny & happy personality to naturally bring out the best within you and create genuine laughter, not smiling for the sake of it. 

As a creative, I want to create art with you. Do you need to look like a model? Ugh…No! I have many insecurities and can totally relate to the value that a photographer brings who can help me to overcome them and know what suits me! Helping you to feel (& look) your absolute best on your day takes expertise, combined with a lot of fun!

Will our personalities work well together?

You’re going to spend one of the most important days in life with me and I want to make sure that we are a great match. I wish to provide you with amazing photography and part of that is making sure that we mesh as people. I know that I thrive when I am blessed with romantic & upbeat couples! You should feel 100% comfortable with your photographer’s style & personality! 

What is your style of photography & editing? 

During “Getting-ready, ceremony and reception”, my style is to be as photo-journalistic as possible. I will capture you and your loved ones as discreetly as I can to get the raw, authentic emotions. 

During couples sunset shots, bridal & groom portraits & family formals, I will offer continued guidance. 

My “niche” is capturing stunning bridal portraits. Of course, I never forget about the groom (!) but my specialty is having time in the day to capture the bride (once dressed) and give her photos to dream over and share with future grandchildren. I want to give you an heirloom album to be proud of.

It’s easy to think that photography is influenced mainly by editing style (post-production) but I look for everything that impacts the scene on the day: shadows & highlights, your style/aesthetic & the backdrop, as they all play a role in determining the final outcome. When you look at your album in 20 years time, your photos will look as classic then as they do now. 

I offer boutique editing and do not out-source or “batch edit”. It takes me waaaay more time but delivers the quality of photo that I love. 

Can we add a second photographer?

Yes, we can add a second photographer and can further discuss this option when we have our video chat. 

Do you offer engagement/Adventure couple sessions?  

Engagement photoshoots (within 40 miles of Asheville) are included as a complimentary addition to weddings. Elopements do not include an engagement shoot but can be added at a discounted rate. If you would like to schedule an engagement/adventure couple session (without the wedding), you can absolutely do that! Prices start at $600 for 90 minutes and take place midweek (typically at sunrise or sunset). 

Do you take family (formals) photos? 

Of course I do! Family is amazing and I love it when wedding couples want to celebrate with their loved ones. I have found that anywhere between 14 and 15 combinations (maximum) is the “sweet spot” and we will discuss this when we initially meet. I want you to be free to enjoy your day naturally and authentically and ideally not to spend more than 15 minutes on “family formals”. Let’s get you back to your party! You’ve hired me to capture your day, mainly as a photojournalist and the most comprehensive and diverse wedding albums are the ones where you’re having fun and not having to “smile 3-2-1” for the camera. 

Ideally, I like to have time to capture bride & mom, groom & mom (etc.) pre-ceremony. This has two purposes: firstly, you get to have those all important family shots (that appear more candid & relaxed) and secondly, it saves you time later in the day. Usually, the day goes by soooo quickly and I want to ensure that you have photos taken with your cherished family & friends. 

Can we provide you with a shot list (other than family formals)? 

I love to know if there are important elements on the day that should not be overlooked (broach from Grandma etc), otherwise, I’ve found that it can be counterproductive to refer to a “shot list”. Here’s the reason why! It takes away from my ability to get authentic shots that reflect your individuality. Of course, I love to know what inspires you and I do that by getting to know you as this is where the magic happens! 

When hiring me, I’ll capture the big events but I also want to document the little moments “in between” that occur naturally and are unique to your day.

How will we receive the gallery and do you offer photo books & prints?

Absolutely! Your digital wedding gallery is delivered using a professional photography site (password protected) and you will have one year from the date of delivery in which to download the photos. I encourage you strongly to download them to several different places and devices (cloud storage, USB sticks) and then to make sure that you print them! 

Photos belong in print and not just to remain on your computer hard-drive! I use printing companies that deal directly with professional photographers only and we can discuss adding in an album/wall art as an addition to your total wedding cost. 

How long will it be before we receive our gallery?

The wedding contract states that digital gallery delivery is between 4-12 weeks. I do my absolute best to get you the full album sooner than that, without ‘rushing’ your edits! As mentioned, I personally edit every single photo (that’s the perfectionist within me) and I want to make sure that all of your shots are beautiful. I will always make sure that you have a “sneak-peek” within 72 hours of your wedding. 

How do you feel about unplugged ceremonies?

If you have someone in the front row discreetly videoing your ceremony (phone at waist height), that’s absolutely fine! However, I would prefer that you would ask your guests from taking photos and videos during the ceremony, this not only impacts my ability to get “key shots” but you’ll also have a gallery of photos of people’s hands in the air. A perfect solution is to allow guests “30 seconds” in which to take photos once the wedding couple is together at the altar and then to ask them to place all devices away (and turned to silent). Most couples opt for an unplugged ceremony and I can help you with how to deliver that news! 

Sunset shots/couple time

In my experience, to create amazing imagery, I ask the wedding couple for time, it’s the most invaluable resource on the day. I want to provide you with stunning images that take your breath away. As such, I ask for 30-60 minutes for couples photos (usually at sunset), when you will leave behind the festivities for a while and I can photograph the newlyweds!

You: “But I hate having my photo taken, isn’t that too much time? I’m not a model and I feel awkward in front of the camera!”. Don’t worry! We will get to know each other during your engagement session & you will totally be at ease having your photo taken! 30 to 60 minutes on your wedding day timeline is your commitment to a lifetime of beautiful memories and you will never, ever regret this decision. 

Wedding Planner/Day-of Coordinator

Talking of timelines…..while I don’t insist upon it, it helps immensely when you hire a wedding planner/coordinator. There are many benefits to this, mainly it’s for your peace of mind & you get to enjoy the day!

Do we need to have professional Hair & Make-Up for the wedding? 

Unless you or your friends/family are incredibly skilled at hair & make-up, I highly recommend letting a professional do this for you on the day, so that you can feel pampered and know that you are in great hands. I have attended weddings where indeed, the bride and her team were AMAZING at hair and make-up but if you’re unsure, let’s chat. I’ve worked with plenty of professional HMU artists and have recommendations. 

We’re having an evening ceremony, can you cover that too?

Yes! I love natural light but it can only take you so far. I am a creative shooter and also a technical one. I’m very comfortable with off-camera flash & external lighting.  

We’re having a rehearsal, will you cover that? 

I don’t usually get asked to attend the wedding rehearsal but if it’s something that’s important to you, let me know at the time of booking. Additional costs will apply.

Do you offer videography?

I do not offer videography as I’ve chosen photography as my craft. However, if you’re looking for a fabulous videographer, check out Jen & Chris from Martin Film Productions. I love working with them! 

P.S.: I’ve created a blog: 10 questions to ask your potential wedding photographer!