Hi there, I’m Natasha!

I was born near London and the UK still has a really special place in my heart! When I was 11, my family moved to Singapore and we had a few wonderful years in SE Asia, before heading back to Europe. In 2013, Asheville became my home. I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to have learned from different people & cultures along the way. There is no education that could compare to the richness of travel. Travel opened my eyes more than any course could have ever done. Having traveled to almost 100 countries, I’ve seen fascinating places & met incredible people in this gorgeous diverse world of ours.

So, how did I get into photography? Like most people, I had a passion for it as a hobby for many years. Over the past decade, I’ve invested in education (and good old fashioned hard work) to hone my craft. But I’m a perpetual student and always want to learn, be challenged and create the best that I’ve ever done. That’s the Type A in me – I cannot deny!! I care. A LOT!

When I’m not photographing, I’m probably hiking or cleaning off cat fluff. Hey, when you have a half Maine-Coon it’s pretty much a full-time gig. Pet lovers will feel me 🙂  I’m a massive animal lover and when I say massive, think of the size of the universe and then double it.

I can often be available to travel for an elopement at a moment’s notice. Destinations that I love (& would subsidize my own travel!) include: British Columbia in Canada, New Zealand, Cayman Islands, French Polynesia, Maldives, Scotland, Bahamas, Azores, St. Barths, Spain, Seychelles, Mauritius, Cuba, in fact anywhere in the Caribbean! The world is fascinating to me, message me and let’s chat. xoxo Natasha

Alistair Dale Wedding Officiant

Hi – I’m Alistair!

I was born in Ireland and have been lucky enough to travel to a lot of gorgeous destinations with Natasha. 

My main motivation for travel is to try the different food and my cuisine of choice is Asian! Some of my favorite food spots have been Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Singapore & India. The freshness and the flavors of the food – wow. When I think of those places, the smell is what I remember the most & not at a fancy restaurant but at the hawker/street markets. Slightly different to the typical Irish meal of meat and potatoes, I know, just don’t tell my mother! 

In addition to helping Natasha at weddings, I am a fully ordained Wedding Officiant. We love working together as we can read each other’s minds, which can be a blessing and a curse, am I right?! If you are in need of someone to perform your wedding ceremony, please reach out. 

We hope to hear from you! 


Elopements have a special place in our heart. Alistair & I were married on The Great Barrier Reef.  We loved. Every. Single. Minute.   

For help with planning your elopement photography, email: natasha@natashadalephotography.com