Hi, I’m Tasha

Your warm and caring Asheville wedding photographer.

If you are looking for photography that is unique to you, artistic yet relaxed, youre in the right place!

The photographer that you hire will influence the feel of your day. The chats & laughter that you will share are incredibly important to bring about authenticity. This is your day and I’ll never forget that. I like to have fun which means that I’m a great fit for joyous and romantic people. Im down to earth and know how to chat & laugh with Grandma & Grandpa. Oh the things Ive learned over the years, especially in the South!! 

I was born in England (still have my accent), grew up in Europe and SE Asia and have called Asheville my home for a decade. It truly feels like “home

I consider myself to be an extroverted-introvert. I am the confident and outgoing photographer that you need on your wedding day but when I get home, I love to decompress and take time out for myself. Its all about balance and I hope that you are finding balance as you navigate your way through the wedding planning process? Dont forget the self-care yall, its important! 

For my self-care, I spend time surrounded by nature. It can either be on a hike or simply watching the birds at the feeders (they eat better than I do), while sipping on a British (of course) cuppa tea or glass of wine. 

Little shout out here…I had a wedding published in prestigious Southern Bride winter/spring 2022-23 printed edition and online and I was voted #1 Photographer in Asheville.

If my style (and personality) speaks to you, please reach out, Id love to connect. Cheers.