Asheville wedding & elopement photographer

Photo credit: Alistair Dale

Hi, I’m Tasha

My passion for photography elevated from taking documentary style (which I still love doing) to adding in moments of carefully curated portraiture. 

There is no such thing as perfection” but there is something perfect within each and every one of us. I’m here to celebrate you and be your cheer-leader. 

The photographer that you hire for your wedding or elopement will greatly influence the feel of your day. The chats & laughter that you will share are important to bring about authenticity. 

I’m a great fit for joyous and romantic people. Im down to earth and know how to chat with Grandpa.

I was born in England (still have my accent), grew up in Europe and Asia & Asheville has been home for over a decade. 

Caring for the environment is incredibly important to me and I do my best to minimize my footprint. In 2024, Im planting a tree for every wedding that I photograph. 

I consider myself to be an extroverted-introvert. I love meeting new people but also need time by myself, usually with a cat on my lap, listening to nature. 

Its about balance. 

I hope that you are finding balance as you navigate your way through wedding planning process? 

Dont forget the self-care y’all. Planning a wedding is stressful, take time out for you (and put the spreadsheets aside every now and then). 

I love to spend time surrounded by nature: either on a hike or simply watching the birds at the feeders, while sipping on a British cuppa. 

My favorite TV series ever created is Ted Lasso, to me, its perfection. British humor with American warmth and the best script-writing that Ive ever known. A close second is Schitts Creek.

I will ask about your favorite TV series on the contact page. If you dont watch TV, tell me about your favorite book or anything that stirs your soul. I love to have an insight into your world. 

Little shout out here…I had a wedding published in prestigious Southern Bride winter/spring 2022-23 printed edition and online and I was voted #1 Photographer in Asheville.

If my style (and personality) speak to you, Id love to hear from you. 



Natasha Dale