Bridal  Photography


Natasha Dale Photography adores taking bridal portraits in advance of your big day (at our studio) or out in nature after your wedding. 

While we love the idea of photographing you in your dress on a mountain-top before your wedding, we wouldn’t advise it. Unless you are happy to risk the dress tangled/dirty! 

You might wonder why you might opt for a separate bridal session outside of your wedding day. “Won’t we receive bridal portraits on our wedding day?”. The answer is “Yes, you will!”. 

However, having witnessed countless weddings where the timeline goes south, we know that the first thing to be cut is Bridal portrait time. 

It could be that you or your partner is running behind schedule, there were hick-up’s or hair & make-up for your crew is taking longer than you had anticipated: the pressure is on!

One solution is to set up a bridal session in advance of your day. You can test hair and make-up, not risk anyone seeing you in your dress & we have the luxury of TIME.   

Bridal sessions offer a guarantee of stunning portraits captured during this magical time in your life. 

We have fabulous studio lighting which means that we can be flexible with schedule. 

Prices start at $850* for up to 2 hours in the studio. Want to have Bridal AND Boudoir combined? No problem – let’s chat. 

* 7% NC Sales Tax is added for NC residents