Olivia & Landon

These two deserve a medal! They were amazing to work with and not only are they gorgeous on the outside but on the inside too. 

They were celebrating their wedding anniversary and a family member bought them a photoshoot as a gift – now that’s what I call an amazing present (if I do say so myself!). 

They turned up at the crack of dawn and we got right to work. I love sunrise sessions as the air is so pure and you usually encounter far less people on the trails. But, it’s not for everyone! I mean you have to get up REALLY early and be prepared to start photographing immediately. But the fun and excitement of watching the sun peak over the mountain tops is sooo worth it. 

Landon & Olivia were a dream couple to photograph, they had no inhibitions of showing their love to each other and that’s really the key to a successful shoot. When you can express yourself to your loved one, how much you love and respect them, it comes through in the photos. No amount of photoshop can ever replace the genuine emotion that people feel for each other. 

We had decided that a 2 center location was best for their needs. We started out on a hike in the mountains to get the glorious warm tones as the sun rose and then finished in the coolness of a waterfall. I love the contrast of warm sunshine with the bluer tones of the waterfall. What a glorious combination! 

Love, Natasha 

Nicole & Michael