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Bride and groom almost kissing at sunset

From traditional weddings, to mountain elopements and (all day) adventure elopements, we cover them all: near and far. 

This is your day and your wedding photography should be as unique as you are. We love the bold, the quirky, the extroverts and introverts. We adore GOOD people who are in love. 


From getting ready photos in the morning through the last dance of the evening, we are here to capture it all. We are honored to capture all types of weddings and all types of love. 

No two weddings are the same and while we have a formula that works really well for us, we will not photograph your day with a “cookie-cutter” style. We do this by getting to know you and finding out what is important to you. 

This is our job and we love it!

Every wedding is the opportunity for us to be visual-storytellers. We’re perfectionists and strive to tell your story in a detailed, classic and editorial way. We want your images to show your unique relationship, like opening up the pages of a magazine, only it’s you on the inside! 

It might be the look that your Grandma gives you across the dance-floor as you’re dancing with Dad or the moment that you realize that youre about to get married – WOOOAHH. That one hits hard! 

Were there to document your day from beginning to end with warmth, a light-hearted approach and positivity. 

Typical wedding day coverage lasts 8 to 10 hours. From getting ready, traveling to the venue, girls/guys time, family formals, cocktail hour, dancing, reception, exit: you name it! 

Winter weddings/midweek weddings can often have 6 hours of coverage and that’s ample. Remember though: this is your wedding day, it’s not meant to be a “photography treadmill’. 

Experience has taught us that time is the one element that we cannot get enough of on your day. Cutting back on coverage can result in a rushed wedding. We encourage you to make sure that you dedicate enough time on your day, to not only incorporate the ceremony and the party that ensues but to buffer in time to ENJOY the day! 

We are, of course, biased…but imagine that you’re telling your kids or new friends about your wedding day in the future. Your words will help to set the stage but then BAM…you roll out the album. What better way to show them how beautiful and magical your day was than by having classic, timeless imagery that tells your story: no words necessary.


Do you dream of heading out into the mountains or a waterfall and just being surrounded by your closest friends & family for your wedding ceremony, or even just the two of you? If so, an elopement might be just for you!

We have photographed amazing elopements at waterfalls, in the mountains, at the beach, in the forest, at short-term rentals and even in people’s homes and gardens. The options are endless.

They are a perfect choice for those who want to do their thing, their way! If the thought of organizing a large wedding is counter-intuitive to who you are, consider opting for a low-key elopement. Couples frequently bring along their pup to join in on their adventure and we love that. 

North Carolina requires two witnesses to sign your marriage certificate and so if its just the two of you eloping, dont worry, we have you covered 🙂 

Naturally, elopements are highly intimate affairs and theyre designed for weddings of 15 people or less. We offer a “Leave no trace” policy and caring for the environment is key. 

Elopements can take place in Asheville or we can travel to anywhere in the world (permits might be required). We have lots of experience in the UK & Europe with Scotland and Spain being favorite destinations of ours. If you want to elope to Spain, we have access to a great villa on the Costa Blanca (close to the sea and a beautiful fishing village), reach out for info. 

Most elopements take place midweek (or off-peak) but we are here for the peak-season elopement too! Inquire for pricing.

Adventure Elopements

This is truly unique and this is what Alistair and I opted for when we were married in Australia. Let me explain what an Adventure Elopement is! 

It’s an elopement day that’s full of adventure and fun times. If you don’t want a strict timeline but want to feel free as a bird all day, this one is for you.

Do you envisage your wedding day filled with a trip to the mountains, followed by a dip in a waterfall, perhaps a helicopter or hot air balloon ride, dinner for two or ending the evening with a sunset sail? All of this is possible with an Adventure Elopement.  

When it came to Alistair and I, our families and closest friends did not live near each other, let alone near us (or even on the same continent). While we really wanted to share our day with them, it proved complicated and planning a wedding where all could attend, appeared impossible. 

It weighed heavily on us and eloping often isn’t an easy decision for couples, but it’s not selfish if you choose this way…I promise you. 

We woke up really early (4 a.m. OMG) and we were taken to Cairns in a classic car, sailed 2-3 hours, were married on an island, went snorkeling, came back on board (changed into dress #2 for Tasha!), danced, ate a picnic and then finished with a sunset sail: it was magical. All the while, our photographer was capturing our unique day in an unobtrusive way. 

An Elopement Adventure is an all day (or almost!) affair and it’s for the truly adventurous souls. We’re there with you from sun up to sun down, documenting your day out in nature, doing your favorite activities and simply, being in love. 

Contact us to find out if this is a good fit for you and let’s start planning! We are privileged that you are even considering us and can’t wait to hear from you. 

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