Trista & Sam 

What can I say about Trista and Sam? We had previously met at a photoshoot 2 years earlier and when they announced their engagement, I was the one that they came to…woohoo! 

They have a purity about their souls which is wondrous. They shine from the inside out, as you can see, they’re good people! So, when it came to artistic expression at their shoot, I knew that they would allow me a lot of latitude and to have fun. 

We had decided that a 2 center location was what was needed and we knew that both outfits possibly could get wet. Actually, we knew for sure that they would! With that ability comes a lot of freedom of movement, not just physically but emotionally. To be able to open up in an engagement shoot like this, look at your partner with utter desire and love in your heart, is all that I could ask for. 

Don’t get me wrong, I realize that this type of session is not for everyone. You’ve possibly spent a lot of time and money in looking good for your engagement shoot. But if just ‘let go’ even emotionally on your engagement shoot and don’t give a crap about how you ‘think’ you look (and get all up in your own head about what you should and should not be doing), then you might just get a session that resembles this. 

Said with love, Natasha 

Nicole & Michael