Rachel & Damian

These two were amazing to be with and photograph. What the photographs do not reveal is how icily cold and windy it was. It looks like a beautiful Autumnal day and not one photo reveals how cold they were. Now that’s what I call acting like pro’s! We opted for a mountain view about one hour away from Asheville at the beginning of October, gorgeous choice!

Engagement sessions are an opportunity for the couple to get used to being in front of the camera and to become more aware of the photographer’s style, ready for the wedding day. What it also does is to allow the photographer to be able to give hints as to how to connect with each other in front of the lens – it’s all about creating comfort. 

Photography sessions can be daunting, you’d never guess by Rachel & Damian’s photos as they were open to listening and reacting to cues set. I would say that almost 100% of couples turn up and offer a disclaimer of “we don’t know what we should do or how we should act” and those who don’t say that are feeling it on the inside, which is completely natural! 

The role of the photographer is to give cues and actions to create flow and so the couple can relax and actually enjoy the session! Typically, the first few photos are the most awkward for the couple as they settle into the session and become familiar with a lens being pointe at them. 

As soon as we’ve nailed the first great shot I love to show it to the couple. This way they know that I’m capturing them in their best light. Once they see themselves as I see them, their eyes pop, confidence builds and this is great time to be more adventurous with poses and movement. I love the empowerment that comes from engagement sessions for the couple, it’s an amazingly special time!

Love, Natasha 

Nicole & Michael