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Fueled by equal parts sweet and passion, I spend my days capturing the kinds of images that make you stop, smile and ask time to please slow down.

Anthony & Amanda

Anthony & Amanda first met 2 years ago when they met through work. They knew that there was an instant attraction and love was on the horizon for them. Their tummies tingled and they looked forward to going to work each day even more! 


They had chosen Looking Glass Falls in NC as the ceremony location, as it was in July, they opted for a 9am start, which meant that we had just enough time for a little privacy before the crowds started to show. In attendance were just 5 members of their closest family, myself and the wedding officiant. We chose the bottom platform that is closest to the falls and I can that I can say is that, there was a gusty breeze that day, which created a gorgeous glow behind the couple as they got married. You’ll see this in many of the pictures, if it looks like specks, it was equivalent to full on rain! 


After the sweet ‘I do’s’, we just had to capture a few shots with the falls in the background. We all got very wet and everyone was a trooper! Every 30 seconds I was wiping my lens as it was misting up, but in actuality it added this misty, ethereal effect to the photos that I loved. Sure, I could have used a filter to add that effect in afterwards but mother nature provided it and who am I to argue with her? 


Finally, after the ceremony, we drove to a nearby forest, which allowed us the room to take family shots and also meant that we had a change of scenery. Taking photos in one location (particularly as stunning as Looking Glass Falls) is absolutely fine but if we can get 2 or more, I’m a happy bunny! It means that for the married couple they get to have a variety of shots with different landscape, different light and I can change out multiple lenses for a varied effect. It’s not impossible to shoot an entire wedding with just one lens at one location, but I equate it to looking at a box of chocolates: if you had 12 different chocolates in a box, would you be content with just trying one? Exactly, no! A ‘change of location’ could just mean turning the corner at location and going from the barn to the meadow. 


It’s always an honor for me to witness couples sharing their vows. I’ll always remember Anthony & Amanda’s wedding, not because of the falls and the spray but the way that they looked at each other. Her eyes sparkled every time that she mentioned his name and he just looked the proudest man on earth, like ‘wow, is she really my wife now?’. That’s what I’ll remember. Wishing Anthony & Amanda a very happy, healthy and prosperous life together. 





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