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Amalfi, Italy Wedding – Jason & Sarah

Anthony & Amanda chose to get married at Looking Glass Falls in July 2020.

It was an elopement with just them and their closest family members.

The wedding was scheduled for 09.30, trying to get ahead of the Summer crowds! As it was such a small gathering, we were able to still maintain our social distance (it helps having large camera lenses too!) and still have a beautiful, intimate ceremony. 

Asheville Marriages was the chosen wedding officiant (I love those guys!) and they chose a perfect spot for a Summer wedding, 

Amanda was an amazing bride and sooooo adventurous. Following the ceremony, we walked (very slowly and carefully!) in front of the falls and took some gorgeous romantic photos. Meanwhile, we were all getting really wet from the spray coming off of Looking Glass Falls, there was a little bit of a breeze that day! I was wiping my lens every minute or so and Amanda and Anthony were almost soaked to the skin by the end of it. But oooohh those photos!

After taking photos at the falls, we went to a local forest to get family photos – we had more room and we could also dry off a little. 

Thanks Anthony & Amanda for being such fun that day, it was an honor to capture your day. 

So, for anyone wondering if you can get married during a ‘lockdown’? Yes, it can be done. You have to take extra precautions and limit the number of people attending but it is possible! 


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